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The Neuroscience Institute is a center of excellence at Baptist Medical Center South, which embraces several specialties. Each dedicated to a unique continuum of care. The groups represented include the Neuroscience Imaging Center, the Baptist Health Neurosurgery Clinic, and the Center for Pain of Montgomery. These entities seamlessly work together to coordinate your care and challenge each other to ensure you receive the best diagnosis and treatment possible.

The cornerstone of the institute is the Neuroscience Imaging Center at Baptist Medical Center South. The center is dedicated to providing patients with comfortable imaging procedures and physicians with the highest quality images currently available.

Patients visiting the center have convenient access to our offices. Drive-up and valet parking are available for all patients.


In the past, a patient undergoing MRI was required to spend a long period of time in a long ,dark, claustrophobic "tunnel" and was subjected to extremely loud noises. These negatives no longer exist in our facility. We now use the MAGNETOM Espree, a comfortable, quiet, fast and top-of-the-line MRI scanner.

The new open design of the unit reduces anxiety and claustrophobia. Feet go in first and your head remains outside. Patients will constantly see the examination room and can communicate whenever they wish throughout the short scan time.

The extra large-Open Bore design is flared, giving children and elderly patients a wide open view that allows them to feel safe and relaxed. They can also have constant eye contact with those present. This new design can accommodate patients up to 440 pounds. The accessibility, flexibility and comfort makes this unit a completely new MRI experience.


Our Siemens SOMATOMĀ® Sensation CT (computed tomography) scanner allows the routine use of high performance Multi-slice CT. It provides an extended view of anatomical areas while producing images with higher details, which is key in clinical applications such as early tumor detection. In addition, it also features clinical applications targeted at the diagnosis of specific regions of interest. The following provides a brief overview of those clinical applications:

  • Highly detailed imaging with very short breath hold requirement using Multi-slice CT. Motion artifact is virtually eliminated. This is especially important in trauma and pediatric examinations. Vasculature evaluation of the head, neck, thorax, abdomen, pelvis and extremities are possible using CT Angiography. This provides an accurate picture of blood flow through the vessels in a fast, minimally invasive way.
  • Evaluation of osteopathic and traumatic alterations of bone surface using 3-dimensional imaging. The clear view of the bone structure in 3D allows a fast and accurate assessment of the alterations that have taken place.

What makes our imaging center different is our determination to offer our patients the latest technologies that are not only dependable, but comfortable, and provide physicians with more accurate, higher quality images.

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Neuroscience Institute
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